Microchipping involves implantation of a small chip underneath the skin that can subsequently be read by a scanner to help provide valuable information to identify the pet and owner of record. This information can be used to permanently identify the pet for ownership purposes, travel to other countries, and most importantly to reunite pets that are lost with their owners.

The procedure involves implantation of the chip via a needle and syringe, much like giving a vaccination, although the gauge of the needle is larger to accommodate the chip. It is a quick and only temporary “ouch” for the patient. Many times these are done while the patient is anesthetized for other procedures, such as a spay, neuter, hernia repair, etc. and therefore, there is no discomfort involved.

The owner’s contact information is uploaded into a data base and linked with the specific chip number so that when the chip is scanned the owner can be identified. An external tag is also provided with the chip number and phone number for the AKC database, if a scanner cannot be readily obtained.

The chips are safe and reliable for the life of the pet. There are no contraindications for having a microchip placed.

Sun Valley Animal Hospital uses the AKC Re-Unite Chip. It involves a onetime registration and fee which is included in the cost of procedure. We are happy to register your pets for you, so that you receive the full benefits of the microchip as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions regarding this procedure, please feel free to talk to your veterinarian or any of the staff at Sun Valley Animal Hospital.