Nutritional Counseling

In the ever changing world of pet food products, it is often difficult to determine what is the best food to feed your pet. Foods come and go, get recalled, and change almost on a weekly basis. Although it is not possible to keep up with ALL the foods that are in the marketplace, there certain food “truths”, and guidelines that one can use to help determine the proper food for you to feed.

During your pet’s examination, your veterinarian is pleased to welcome any questions you might have regarding the food you currently feed or plan to purchase. After examining your pet and taking into account any issues related to food such as food allergies, possible or ongoing diseases, disease management and body condition, certain parameters can be set that will help determine a proper food to feed.

Sun Valley Animal Hospital also stocks a line of therapeutic diets to help manage and prevent certain diseases that often affect our pets. The benefits of these diets are well worth the purchase when recommended by your veterinarian.

The diet of a pet is very important to their ongoing health, and it is our desire to help you choose wisely.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss this important matter with your veterinarian.