Pain Management

Great strides have been taken in recent years in our ability to alleviate pain in our companion animals.

Whether there is acute pain from injury or illness, surgical pain, or pain associated with degenerative changes such as arthritis, we now have an arsenal of treatments and medications from which to choose to make our pets more comfortable and provide a better quality of life.

At Sun Valley Animal Hospital, all surgical patients are pre-treated with analgesics prior to anesthesia and surgery and are provided postoperative pain medications In the hospital and for home use as indicated.

Quick acting, and potent analgesics can be promptly provided to patients that are experiencing acute pain disorders for various reasons.

Following an examination and possible blood testing, your veterinarian will discuss a specific plan to address discomfort associated with the aging process. Our doctors and staff are compassionate regarding the degenerative changes that occur with our pets as they age and will work with you to develop a long term program to delay the degenerative changes as long as possible as well as provide necessary over-the-counter and prescription medications to reduce discomfort and increase mobility.

Your observations, and home care also are a vital part of helping your pet cope with pain discomfort at home. As a team member with you, it is our goal to help provide your pet with as good a quality of life as they can achieve.