The ability to “look inside” a pet is often a very valuable tool in diagnosing disease and exploring symptoms. Radiology services allows us the opportunity to view organs, bones and tissue spaces we cannot see with the naked eye. These procedures couples with other diagnostic tests help lead to diagnosis of disease and allow for proper treatment as soon as possible.

Sun Valley Animal Hospital can provide your pet with diagnostic radiographs (x-rays) when indicated, in the hospital, often while you wait. On occasion, under special circumstances we may ask that the pet be left with us for sedation to accomplish the procedure and/or to repeat the radiographs over time to depict trends in GI function for instance.

No special preparation is usually needed for most radiographs. However, we may at times ask that a patient be fasted prior to a radiographic exam so that internal structures we wish to see are not covered over by food in the stomach or bowels, or if your veterinarian feels that sedation may be required.

Radiographs are interpreted “on the spot” by our veterinarians, with help from board certified radiologist for more difficult cases. The radiographs are digitalized and can be sent to radiologist, internists, and other referral practices as needed. It is our pleasure to allow clients to view the radiographs along with us, for as they say “ A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Your pet experiences minimal radiological risk, as every attempt to made keep this procedure as safe as possible for all involved.