Wellness Care

At Sun Valley Animal Hospital, we strive to prevent illness whenever possible and find and treat any problem noted as quickly as possible to help insure your pet has the longest and best quality of life. To do so we incorporate wellness examinations, vaccinations, parasite testing, appropriate blood testing, nutritional counseling, behavioral counseling, spay and neuter surgeries, and flea and tick prevention into a veterinary care plan that is specific to each pet.

Puppies and kittens should be examined as soon as possible after they are acquired, regardless of any previous vaccinations and/or treatments that the breeder or others may have given. This is the best and most important time to establish a foundation for health. Many common yet very important issues such as poor body condition, internal and external parasites, improper nutrition, or congenital abnormalities, can be detected and treated appropriately before they adversely affect the health of the pet. Depending on the findings of the examinations, overall health of the pet, and any previous veterinary care, a plan for immunizations, and overall pediatric care will be discussed and implemented.

Adult dogs and cats should be examined at least once a year. Because their life spans are much shorter than humans, dogs and cats progress through different stages of life much quicker. As a result, changes can occur with their health much sooner than one might expect, and are often “hidden” to the untrained eye. In this stage of life, our focus is on maintaining health and addressing any issues that warrant concern. A complete physical examination, “nose to tail” is performed at each annual visit and any issues found as well as any concerns relayed by the client are discussed and appropriate treatment recommendations provided. Yearly wellness examinations are typically a time when vaccinations and vaccine “boosters” are discussed and administered as needed. These protocols are discussed with each client and individualized to each pet. Appropriate blood and fecal tests for parasites and potential disease are also performed and preventatives for heartworm disease, fleas and ticks are discussed.

As pets age into their geriatric years, identifying conditions and potential diseases associated with aging become more important. Annual and often semi-annual examinations are more focused on physical changes, mental changes, and biochemical changes that can affect the quality of life of our elder patients. Blood screenings for metabolic and organ dysfunction, ocular screenings for glaucoma, blood pressure checks, and radiographs are often discussed to access overall health and to hopefully identify any problems early so appropriate treatments, preventive measure, or changes in home care can be implemented early on in the disease process. Vaccinations protocols and other routine screenings such as for heartworm disease for geriatric patients are also discussed and as always, individualized for each patient per doctor and client discussions.

The foundation for establishing and maintaining great pet health is based on periodic examinations and preventative procedures and treatments The veterinarians and staff at Sun Valley Animal Hospital are committed to partnering with you provide your pet with the best quality of life possible. We will never take for granted the trust you place in us as we care for your beloved companion.