Pre-Surgical Instructions & Information

Please read the following information related to pre-surgical instructions for procedures at Sun Valley Animal Hospital.


  • Food, including treats should be withheld from your pet approximately 12 hours prior to admittance to SVAH. Exceptions will be determined by your
  • Water can be offered up until the time your pet leaves the home.


  • Any medications being taken at the time of surgery should be suspended if given in the morning. This generally includes antibiotics, insulin, heartworm prevention, thyroid medication etc. unless otherwise approved by your veterinarian. If your pet is on a long term medication, please consult with your veterinarian prior to removing all medications


  • Pets should arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 am the day of surgery unless other arrangements have been made in advance
  • Appropriate consent forms will be collected
  • A surgical technician will answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure at hand.
  • An approximate time for discharge will be discussed
  • You may bring a small blanket or bed for your pet’s comfort if desired.
  • NO food needs to be brought unless your pet is staying overnight. If so, you may bring 1-2 meals that can be fed in the hospital to prevent changing of diets. Pets are fed as soon after surgery as is possible.

Consent form

  • Be prepared to spend a few minutes as we explain a consent form for you to sign. It is important that we establish good communication and understanding of the procedure to be performed. DO NOT HESITIATE TO ASK QUESTIONS OF THE STAFF AT ANY TIME.
  • A consent form can be viewed and downloaded her for your convenience at checkin. Please fill it in completely, and give to the receptionist at check-in.

Additional procedures

The consent form also allows for additional procedures to be performed on your pet while they are under anesthesia.

  • For young dogs and cats undergoing neuter and spay surgeries, this is an opportune time to removal any “baby” teeth that have not fallen out naturally. Teeth are not removed even with consent, if the veterinarian feels the permanent teeth have not yet erupted.
  • Microchip placement can be accomplished while your pet is “asleep” so they do not have to feel the injection at a later date.

Preanesthetic bloodwork

  • Consent or no consent for preanesthetic bloodwork is required. We advise that all patients undergoing anesthesia benefit from preanestheetic bloodwork if it has not been performed prior to surgery. If you have any questions, please discuss these with the receptionist at the time of check-in.